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The Silence on the Sidelines is DEAFENING!!!

By CPT Sooner

Herman Cain sent out a message a few weeks ago saying he couldn’t sit on the sideline any longer. His words hit me hard, as I had been thinking the same thing for weeks.

Nation-wide there are many under-energized voters who are untouched by conservative flag-waving, our exceptional energy, and our efforts to motivate them to register and vote Republican in our county, state, and federal elections.

The Marxist Socialist Democratic party though, is making a nationwide effort to register anyone who claims citizenship, and their efforts, to date, far exceeding anything the Republican Party has done. Their unprecedented energy is registering voters from any gathering of voting-age citizens. They’re always present at community celebrations and events and even go door to door recruiting and later collecting absentee ballots, which they claim to take to the ballot box.

We Republicans do some of this same recruiting, but we cannot seem to motivate our base to go that extra mile to get the Republican Party’s word out. The same blood is out at all events, and some new and younger faces need to dig a little deeper into our schedules and make time for getting the word out. Nationwide, this lack of enthusiasm is why so many Republican strongholds turned blue this last election.

Democrats have claimed the ghettos and barrios for decades. In 2016, then candidate Trump looked at the black community and asked them, “What do you have to lose by voting for Republicans?”

Two years later, facts prove they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Decades of voting for Democrats kept them in the ghettos and barrios, yet in just two years of Republican control, more minorities have broken the bonds keeping them in government housing and on government welfare, with jobs and quality of life unprecedented by all previous minorities.

We must now invade these Democratic strongholds, and convert them to Republican votes? New branding ideas require massive funding and relentless manpower using novel ideas such as billboards, radio, airplane signs, social media, blogs, or hosting events these people will attend. We must do better, including converting and recruiting new voters from these sensitive areas we may personally find uncomfortable to canvas.

Our nation is depending on us, yet we Republicans have resisted morphing ourselves into this current political model. We can no longer take a vacation between election cycles and jump out 2 months before an election and hope to win.

President Trump vowed in his SOTU that America would never become a socialist nation. But unless we energize ourselves and give more time to the “Republic for which we stand,” our Republic will wither into a radical socialist nation. We will have failed, all for want of a few of our extra hours to get the word out.

Let’s Keep America Great – let’s work a little harder for our nation!

Socialized Medicine: Kill Grandma; Save Money

By Allyx Young

Democrats are openly advocating for a socialist America, lying it will be fairer and give all Americans equal access to housing, healthcare, and education. It sounds enticing if you’re burdened by student loans, have a lackluster job, addicted to groupthink, or trapped in the disaster of ObamaCare.

History shows us, however, that a socialistic government monopoly delivers scarcities and poor, inferior goods and services. It’s a running joke that government-run programs are inefficient, wasteful, and corrupt – exactly the horrible healthcare a single-payer healthcare system would deliver.

Democrats Medicare For All (M4A), dictates an elimination of patient choice and competition. You’ll get what the government gives you and take it. The sale is final.

M4A makes it unlawful for private insurance companies to sell health insurance and employers to offer it. Without competition, you pay a set fee determined by government tax policy. Just like taxing income at 70%, the government has no competition. You pay what some liberal bureaucrats decide is the price du jour.

The many elderly in Florida would suffer with rationing, long wait times and euthanasia policies. Being dead does end suffering. Everything decays under socialism. Examples of poor socialist medicine exist in America today – the VA and American Indian programs subsisting solely on the current management emphasis of the bureaucrats in charge. Under liberals the VA failed, and the American Indian program is poor at best.

If you thought health insurance was expensive now, wait until it’s free.


By Randy Wedin

As a life-long conservative, whenever I heard a politician mention “We”, I thought he or she meant “We the People!”

It wasn’t until I really listened to some of the speeches being given by the radical Marxist Socialist Democrats that I realized there is a very significant difference.

When Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, and other liberal politicians promise, “WE are going to do…”, that “WE” doesn’t include you or me. It means big government will supposedly accomplish their political promise, and you and I will have to take what their “WE” provides. That’s like accepting a Big Mac the way they make it without allowing customizing it to our personal taste. No additional salt and pepper, and no mustard, ketchup, or mayo replacing their standard “Mac” dressing.

These power mongers already know how to package this promise to best benefit them on their path to globalization, the New World Order, and American Marxist Socialist rule.

Even establishment Republicans (RINOs) are guilty of misusing “WE”, as they propel America towards globalization. Yes, “Establishment Republicans” support the Globalist New World Order (NWO) movement, which equates to a Marxist Socialist America identical to their liberal Marxist Socialist political partners on the far left.

That’s why President Trump and like-minded Constitutional Republic conservatives pose such a substantial threat to their liberal globalist movement. Trump’s “We” includes you and me in the solution. We’re part of “We the People!” The Establishment RINOs and 99.9999% of the Marxist Socialist Democrats only want our vote and compliance. Their “WE” only includes the elitists, not you or me.

Think about what “WE” you really are or want to be the next time you visit the ballot box and consider where the candidates really stand when it comes to “WE”! Marxist Socialism has no compromise with our Constitutional Republic – the globalist’s compromise is NO CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!

What Flavor is your politics

By Randy Wedin

What Do the Terms Republic, Democracy, Marxist Socialism, and Communism Really Mean?

(Americans are being bombarded with some serious terms that I am sure not everyone understands. I’m using an analogy of lollipops to make them easier to understand.)

REPUBLIC: America is a Constitutional Republic, which gives individuals the right to their own destiny. The majority rules, but the majority cannot take away someone’s unalienable rights, as given by our Constitution. So, even though, for the sake of argument, 75% of Americans may prefer cherry-flavored lollipops, they cannot force their will upon those who like lollipops of other flavors.

DEMOCRACY: (Our republic is often confused as a democracy.) In a democracy, the majority rules, but with no unalienable Constitutional rights to protect individuals. Some industries can be abolished by the majority, and strict laws can regulate certain other industries and personal rights. Our Constitution would be abolished and replaced by mob rule. In our analogy, under a democracy those preferring cherry-flavored lollipops could force non-cherry- flavored lollipops out of existence – only cherry lollipops would be allowed.

MARXIST SOCIALISM: Under Marxist Socialism, everything is intensely government controlled. Those industries that are critical to the government’s agenda are nationalized, although personal ownership of some small businesses and homes is possible. Usually all lands and resources are owned by the government. Critical industries to the government, such as energy, manufacturing, airlines, banks, hospitals, are owned by the government. For our analogy, lollipops would be controlled by prices, availability, quantity, and quality. (Serious Note: Marxist Socialism is not related to social media as many young millennials think socialism means!)

Under the current wave of Marxist Socialism here in America, fossil fuels would be banned and only renewable fossil fuels at exorbitant prices would be legal. (By the way, elitist Marxist Socialist Democrats own nearly all the proprietary rights to renewable fuels, which puts them in line to make billions of dollars if fossil fuels are outlawed and only renewable fuels are allowed.) Private citizen ownership of guns would be outlawed, along with our ability to lawfully assemble and protest the mob rules, and medical care is 100% managed by the federal government. All the Bill of Rights and amendments we cherish now would be eliminated. Our lollipops would be cherry-flavored or whatever flavor the ruling “Elite” class prefers, and their size and quality would also be determined. No citizen would have the right to protest because our freedom of speech and other unalienable rights that we currently enjoy under the Constitution would be gone.

COMMUNISM: Communism is a spin-off form of Marxist Socialism. In fact, Lenin said: “The goal of all socialism is Communism.” With Communism the government owns everything. Everyone is supposed to be equal, but current and past examples have proven, not every comrade is equal – far from it. The government can dictate that only a small quantity of cherry lollipops are sold at huge prices, limited to Tuesdays and Fridays, and even then, severely rationed. Yet, the ruling “Elite” class is “more equal” than the mere working-class comrades and can buy everything without rationing, live in grandiose homes, own luxury cars, fly in private jets, and enjoy free premier medical care, while the commoner comrades travel on bicycles or poorly managed, public transportation and must suffer with horrible government medical care that limits health care to those senior citizens thought to be a burden on the economy.

In our example, the ruling class not only can have cherry lollipops, but all the other flavors as well. And the low-life comrades cannot protest, or they will find themselves in some camp working for the government without pay.

I personally cannot see how anyone would prefer Marxist Socialism to our Republic, but the Marxist Socialist Democrats are pushing hard, especially targeting our youth and lower informed citizens who are clueless of our past Cold War with the Russian Communists or how Marxist Socialism will impact their lives in the present or future. They are lured by ludicrous offers of free this and free that, not having the experience or maturity to realize nothing is free in life – everything comes at a price. Marxist Socialism and Communism is mass slavery and has no place in America’s Constitutional Republic.

We, as responsible American citizens, must fight those whose sole purpose is to destroy our American Republic with our lives. We have no time to spare, the Marxist Socialists/Communists are making their final push in 2020. The time is now to fight against this purge of our way of life, or as one founding father said:

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
― Patrick Henry