MASKS – The Inconvenient Truth

MASKS – The Inconvenient Truth

By Randy Wedin

There is a lot of controversy these days about the effect masks have on preventing the spread of Covid 19 and on what the masks do to the wearer. The mainstream media view may be a bit biased in saying there are no health concerns associated with wearing a mask.

Here are two independent testimonials arbitrarily captured this morning from Facebook on the subject. I don’t know the authors, but amazingly their results are very similar to my own test covered further down in this article:

From Facebook:

“I have trouble wearing a mask. When we remodeled I had to wear them to help cut some of the dust from all of the sanding I was doing. The mask did a horrible job and made me feel like I was struggling to breathe. I felt light headed which is bad news when you are on a ladder.”

Second Facebook article:

So I just wanted to share an actual personal experience I had today. I’m an airline pilot and twice a year I have to go in for a flight physical. Today was that day. When I got called back to the room, the nurse and I had an amazing convo about masks. He’s been a nurse for 29 years and he thinks they are ridiculous and do way more harm than good and here’s how he proved it to me.

He took my blood pressure and measured my O2 level without a mask. My BP was 118/60, my O2 was 98%. Then he told me to put my mask on.

We watched as my O2 level fell immediately to 94% and my BP started to rise. He said my heart was starting to pump harder trying to get oxygen to my organs and brain and the mask was limiting the amount of oxygen I could breath. We watched for only about 2 minutes.

He said “now imagine making your kids wear a mask for 7 hrs a day every day. What do you think that will do to their growth, organs, brains, overall health?”

He straight up told me he would never make his kids wear masks for this reason, along with many other reasons. This was just one way he could physically demonstrate to me exactly what happens. I will not make my kids wear a mask. It’s alarming how quickly things changed.”

View this short video and then my comments below will make sense.  

My Own Test:

I own an oximeter just like the lady has in the video.

I took my oxygen reading normally and I ranged from 96 to 97, more to the 97 side over the minute I observed my normal reading.

I put a mask on and almost immediately that reading dropped to 92, and as I wore it just a few minutes while just sitting in a chair, not moving or exerting myself at all, it dropped to 85 and 86 and stayed there.

I went outside and walked 2 blocks, just enough to increase my cardio and work up a light sweat. I took my reading then and it read 77 to 79, dipping occasionally to 75 to 76. That is dangerously close to HYPOXIA, which can cause a heart attack, blacking out, or serious injury when you fall totally blacked out. (Note: As this is a live test, using immediate data input, the meter vacillates from one reading to another, but stays generally within a zone of 1 or 2 values.)

When I took off the mask, my oxygen reading (within seconds) rose to 90 and within 30 to 45 seconds it returned to 95 or 96. It actually took me a little over 5 minutes for my oxygen reading to return to my normal level of 96 to 97, and then only after taking long deep breathes.

But don’t take my word for it. Take the test for yourself. If you don’t have an oximeter, Amazon has them on sale for around $25 (Good to have these days anyway.):

Before this test, I admit I was primarily revolting against the Marxist Democrats when not wearing a mask even though I recognized some breathing problems associated with wearing a mask as others I’ve spoken to have also recognized. But now, I’m also revolting for my health, as I have known all along that the mask is worthless against Covid 19 due to the inability of the mask to stop the small Covid 19 particles (both exhale and inhale) within the much larger mesh of the cloth of the mask.

But, as shown on the video and in my test, the mask is a perfect device for limiting the inflow of critical oxygen and outflow of CO2, and even forces us to rebreathe the carbon dioxide our body is trying to rid itself of in the breathing process.

Many people have inherent breathing problems without the added impedance of trying to breathe with a mask. Parents with young children and senior citizens must know the downside of these masks that our politicians and health officials are mandating or fear-mongering Americans into wearing, even though there is a wealth of medical advisors stating that masks don’t work for what politicians and some biased health officials promote them to prevent.

MY PERSONAL OPINION: This is just another ploy by the Marxist Democrats to control our lives, but also they won’t mind a bit if a few Republican voters or even a few of their own die in the process for their demented cause.

Somehow our politicians need to wake up and start fighting for “We the People”, instead of being complacent toads sitting and watching the world flow by, collecting their bloated checks. Where are our Republican leaders fighting for American Patriots? I’d tell you, but all of you know exactly where they are and it isn’t helping us out here in the weeds (Grassroots).

There are those who argue that the mask prevents droplets from escaping when one sneezes or coughs. My mother taught me when I was young to always cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough, which I still do today.

When did that basic lesson on manners cease to be taught and why can’t a tissue or handkerchief be used temporarily today instead of formally imposing a mask?

A political issue (Wearing the mask as a symbolic measure to inhibit Covid 19) has now morphed into a health issue that may affect far more people than our knee-jerk reaction medical and political officials have considered or refuse to consider because of their political agenda.

I, for one, do not wish to be a statistic in yet another one of their erroneous medical theories. They’ve not been right on much of this pandemic to date. What makes this any different?

ANSWER: Your life matters, our lives matter, and it shouldn’t be ended before its time by a live political experiment that is overwrought with controversy directly affecting the lives of you and your family – LIVES DO MATTER!!!

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