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Mail-in voting is the mailout of ballots to a voter’s last known address of the voter (Ignoring the fact that many voters have moved several times since registering.) This type voting has little to no security restraints, can easily be counterfeited, and puts ballots in non-voter hands to easily be harvested to the benefit of one candidate over another.
Absentee-like voting means a voter only receives a ballot via mail after requesting it through official voting channels to his/her current address and is protected by laws that have stood the test of decades

President Trump is SPOT-ON for questioning the security of a high percentage of mail-in ballots for the presidential election in November 2020.

He has no problem with absentee-like balloting similar to states treating the mail-in voting process like absentee ballots where each voter must first request a ballot sent to their current address.

His mail-in ballot concerns are focused on states ignoring election security. Mass mailing of ballots to the last known address of registered voters using their out-of-date voter database is unacceptable. Unpurged for years voter databases used to send live ballots out to voters will not find a majority of voters, especially those migrant, younger voters who have moved 3 or 4 times since they last registered That is why forcing voters to request a ballot at their current address is the only efficient method to successfully send 100% qualified, registered voters their active ballots

For a political party so concerned with Russian interference, the Democratic party is oblivious to potential security issues, especially when devoid of extra security using an insecure ballot process from the outset. It is a chaotic election waiting to happen. Winners/losers will contest the results for months, with votes lost on both sides due to valid ballot confirmation issues. Still other illegal votes will slip through the porous security system resulting in some voters voting illegally multiple times.

President Trump is justified in raising awareness that a mass mailout system is not the system needed to insure votes for all American citizens. His proof is in a smattering of primary elections. In New Jersey, around 10% of one 100% mail-in ballot election were thrown out. Primaries in New York with 25% of votes invalid are still recounting weeks after the election. Imagine what it will be like in a much heavier President/Vice-President election.

The New York Post opined on July 30, 2020: “There’s debate about the constitutionality of a presidential succession law. Some believe the House speaker — potentially Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — would shockingly become temporary president if there was no winner selected by Jan. 20. Others believe it would be Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. That alone should prompt a serious look at how each state is handling mail-in voting on the grassroots level, and it needs to be done immediately.”

Is this Nancy’s takeover of America agenda? America deserves and wants a fair election. If voting in person isn’t attainable, then an absentee-like ballot system is a logical backup. There’s no time to dither.

America doesn’t need a travesty election for the ages that could potentially change the proven  Constitutional Republic into a Marxist state destined for failure. It is time for the silent majority to roar.