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Congressman Greg Steube Update July 6, 2020


July 6, 2020

Dear Floridian:

This weekend our country came together to celebrate our nation’s independence. Happy Independence Day!

Last week, I returned to Washington to vote on the Democrats’ latest attempt to shove parts of the Green New Deal through Congress. This legislation contains radical, progressive provisions which would cost our country billions. Congress has already gone trillions over budget and this irresponsible spending needs to stop. 

Also this week, unverified intelligence was leaked to the New York Times which suggested that Russia had secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill American and British troops in Afghanistan. This information was leaked before any consensus was reached in the intelligence community as to its accuracy and before the President of the United States was briefed. We will not tolerate rogue intelligence officers leaking classified information for politically motivated attacks against our President while putting our national security at risk. Keep reading for my full thoughts below.

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Thank you and God bless,


Congressman Greg Steube