By Randy Wedin

As a life-long conservative, whenever I heard a politician mention “We”, I thought he or she meant “We the People!”

It wasn’t until I really listened to some of the speeches being given by the radical Marxist Socialist Democrats that I realized there is a very significant difference.

When Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, and other liberal politicians promise, “WE are going to do…”, that “WE” doesn’t include you or me. It means big government will supposedly accomplish their political promise, and you and I will have to take what their “WE” provides. That’s like accepting a Big Mac the way they make it without allowing customizing it to our personal taste. No additional salt and pepper, and no mustard, ketchup, or mayo replacing their standard “Mac” dressing.

These power mongers already know how to package this promise to best benefit them on their path to globalization, the New World Order, and American Marxist Socialist rule.

Even establishment Republicans (RINOs) are guilty of misusing “WE”, as they propel America towards globalization. Yes, “Establishment Republicans” support the Globalist New World Order (NWO) movement, which equates to a Marxist Socialist America identical to their liberal Marxist Socialist political partners on the far left.

That’s why President Trump and like-minded Constitutional Republic conservatives pose such a substantial threat to their liberal globalist movement. Trump’s “We” includes you and me in the solution. We’re part of “We the People!” The Establishment RINOs and 99.9999% of the Marxist Socialist Democrats only want our vote and compliance. Their “WE” only includes the elitists, not you or me.

Think about what “WE” you really are or want to be the next time you visit the ballot box and consider where the candidates really stand when it comes to “WE”! Marxist Socialism has no compromise with our Constitutional Republic – the globalist’s compromise is NO CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!

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