Lifetime Achievement Award

The RCSSC Lifetime Achievement Award has become a highlight of our annual Christmas party.   At first, the award was the Club’s way of expressing our appreciation to founding members and past leaders who spent countless hours and untold resources to get the RCSSC off to a good start. The first recipient, Jack Farrell, had been both the vice president and acting president in the Club’s first decade and was still a faithful attendee at the time he was given the framed certificate that was the first award.

Today, the award is given in the form of a plaque that allows the RCSSC to recognize positive contributions to the club over an extended period of time. It is a tangible thank you to volunteers who devoted years of their time and energy to the RCSSC. Past winners are listed below.

Jack Farrell, 2009

Francis Kendrick, 2010

Dave Brown, 2011

Jerry Woelfel, 2012

Gladys Green, 2013

Peachie and Dale DeYoung, 2014

Don Onesky, 2015

Kathy Dent, 2016

Jo Henry, 2017

Chuck Ford, 2018

Terry Angley, 2019

Mary O’Nesky, 2020

Robert Sprague, 2021