Our membership has really been growing. If you share traditional economic and social conservative Republican values and are interested in getting Republican candidates elected to office., we welcome you to join our club. Here is an application.

RCSSC Membership Application

To join or renew your RCSSC membership online:

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Membership/Registration By The Numbers

April 30, 2023

Paid Membership in the RCSSC stands at 322

Sarasota County Registrations

We have a program of sending out postcards to all newly registered Republican voters in 34 precincts across the southern portion of Sarasota County each month inviting them to join us at our next membership meeting. We also have precinct workers that further reach out to newly registered as well as established Republicans inviting them to join us. Additionally, we have an outreach program at both local Venice libraries, and many of the events in the greater Venice area in an effort to register new voters and inform our community of upcoming elections and candidates. The RCSSC is known as one of the hardest working, most activist political clubs in the county and state. Our members proudly announce, “We are the RCSSC!”

Party# of New VotersPercentage# VotersOverall %
This Month County Wide
New/Changed voter registration in our area – April 30, 2023

04/30/2022 04/30/2023DIFF
Trend of voter registration in our area for past year