Socialized Medicine: Kill Grandma; Save Money

By Allyx Young

Democrats are openly advocating for a socialist America, lying it will be fairer and give all Americans equal access to housing, healthcare, and education. It sounds enticing if you’re burdened by student loans, have a lackluster job, addicted to groupthink, or trapped in the disaster of ObamaCare.

History shows us, however, that a socialistic government monopoly delivers scarcities and poor, inferior goods and services. It’s a running joke that government-run programs are inefficient, wasteful, and corrupt – exactly the horrible healthcare a single-payer healthcare system would deliver.

Democrats Medicare For All (M4A), dictates an elimination of patient choice and competition. You’ll get what the government gives you and take it. The sale is final.

M4A makes it unlawful for private insurance companies to sell health insurance and employers to offer it. Without competition, you pay a set fee determined by government tax policy. Just like taxing income at 70%, the government has no competition. You pay what some liberal bureaucrats decide is the price du jour.

The many elderly in Florida would suffer with rationing, long wait times and euthanasia policies. Being dead does end suffering. Everything decays under socialism. Examples of poor socialist medicine exist in America today – the VA and American Indian programs subsisting solely on the current management emphasis of the bureaucrats in charge. Under liberals the VA failed, and the American Indian program is poor at best.

If you thought health insurance was expensive now, wait until it’s free.

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