The Silence on the Sidelines is DEAFENING!!!

By CPT Sooner

Herman Cain sent out a message a few weeks ago saying he couldn’t sit on the sideline any longer. His words hit me hard, as I had been thinking the same thing for weeks.

Nation-wide there are many under-energized voters who are untouched by conservative flag-waving, our exceptional energy, and our efforts to motivate them to register and vote Republican in our county, state, and federal elections.

The Marxist Socialist Democratic party though, is making a nationwide effort to register anyone who claims citizenship, and their efforts, to date, far exceeding anything the Republican Party has done. Their unprecedented energy is registering voters from any gathering of voting-age citizens. They’re always present at community celebrations and events and even go door to door recruiting and later collecting absentee ballots, which they claim to take to the ballot box.

We Republicans do some of this same recruiting, but we cannot seem to motivate our base to go that extra mile to get the Republican Party’s word out. The same blood is out at all events, and some new and younger faces need to dig a little deeper into our schedules and make time for getting the word out. Nationwide, this lack of enthusiasm is why so many Republican strongholds turned blue this last election.

Democrats have claimed the ghettos and barrios for decades. In 2016, then candidate Trump looked at the black community and asked them, “What do you have to lose by voting for Republicans?”

Two years later, facts prove they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Decades of voting for Democrats kept them in the ghettos and barrios, yet in just two years of Republican control, more minorities have broken the bonds keeping them in government housing and on government welfare, with jobs and quality of life unprecedented by all previous minorities.

We must now invade these Democratic strongholds, and convert them to Republican votes? New branding ideas require massive funding and relentless manpower using novel ideas such as billboards, radio, airplane signs, social media, blogs, or hosting events these people will attend. We must do better, including converting and recruiting new voters from these sensitive areas we may personally find uncomfortable to canvas.

Our nation is depending on us, yet we Republicans have resisted morphing ourselves into this current political model. We can no longer take a vacation between election cycles and jump out 2 months before an election and hope to win.

President Trump vowed in his SOTU that America would never become a socialist nation. But unless we energize ourselves and give more time to the “Republic for which we stand,” our Republic will wither into a radical socialist nation. We will have failed, all for want of a few of our extra hours to get the word out.

Let’s Keep America Great – let’s work a little harder for our nation!

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